New year, New Me?

December 31, 2019

New Year’s Eve

A year is only a year because we agreed to it. there is no Tuesday /Wednesday … just the wish

But we are part of this game and the herd has spoken

So we take the energy of today to set our intentions for ourselves .

Something we should do each and every day that God gifts us


Nothing lasts forever

So they say

If you don’t want to be hurt, Gotta stay far away

Open up your heart and say “ah”

Leave the rest to me

This love, this life is a battlefield

Love and war

Speak your mind

Land mines.

Hold on

But don’t hold on too tight

No one likes too much attachment


Limb from limb

Gash. Open



All over the place

Careless lover.




You knew this game before you played

Still you stayed…

Too Open

Too open

I could fall in

Like a drug I don’t want to depend on it. So I detox. From you. Addiction is not what I want to do. Because it involves attachment . This means therein exists an opportunity for hurt. When I think about this or consider the probability , the positivity in me fizzles. I’m left with the negative self talk, the what if’s and the whispers that you’re playing me. Volume loud. Static and all. So I just freeze. Flight or fight. I don’t want to fight. Good bye.

a hurum gi n’anya (I see you)

Her: “Wanna know why I love you?”

Him: “Pray tell”


You’re such a man . Vulnerable, Strong, resilient,

You don’t wear your heart on your sleeves because you unclothe your spirit for me on purpose.

You’re just who you are and it gives me the freedom to be who I am.

I want the absolute best for you.

If I never hear from you again, I will still be blessed because I have lived years with you in these few months.

You’re my true confidante. You don’t judge me

You love me as-is, never asking for discounts or a refund.

I love you as is…would say Full price…but you’re invaluable.

a hurum gi n’anya’ in the igbo language means , I love you. literally translated, it means , I see you.

Facing Shadows

They say you have to nurture your inner child

In order to heal

The say you have to sit with the pain

And your inner demons

And your shadows

And your vices

And show them love and compassion

Because they are also a part of you

That’s fine and all , but how?

I’m willing to try but I need to know how

To face my own shadow when I’m trying to be the light

This little light of mine

I want to let it shine

And break away from any dark times

So tell me how I’m supposed to face my shadows

When I only have a glimmer of hope left?

I miss you

I miss you

I miss the way you smell

The way you taste

The way you feel.

I miss the laughs

I miss the silence

Not awkward at all

Overthinking killed us

And our friendship

Pride won’t allow us to reconnect

It’s all well and gone

But didn’t we have fun?

Time will sweep us away

But when we smell our scent unexpectedly we will


Adios amigo.


“Why do branches grow like that? Why don’t they grow straight up?”

We are all branches on the tree of life

Attempting to grow towards the light

And away from gravitational pull

Some branches grow apart and never touch

Some branches touch then grow apart

Some branches fall off on their own

Some get cut short

Some branches grow side by side

We are all branches on the tree of life

Swaying in the breeze

Affected by the wind

Through various seasons

When life springs, we grow leaves

Then they fall, they leave

They change , wither away and die

But grow again

And we grow too

To give our leaves the most light, even if it means growing crookedly

We grow for survival

So do the other branches

Weathering the storm

And as the tree grows older

We grow more outwards than upwards

So to cast a wider net , to catch the light

Of the sun