Fall in Love

I done fucked around and fell in love again, knowing my heart can’t take it.

I done fucked around and fell in love again,

Knowing my mind can’t break it

I done fucked around and fell in love again,

Knowing my body can’t shake it

I done fucked around and fell in love again

Knowing I’m not brave enough …

I wore the shoes with the “grip sole “ and my heart was covered by long sleeves.

I listened to the “Don’t’s” and the “Do’s”

I tried to prepare myself not to fall but, ALAS!

I fell on my ass. No balance. It hurts.

When people physically injure themselves, we expect for attention to be paid to the injury. We expect them to take time to heal. Sometimes even physical therapy is needed . Why don’t we pay the same attention to emotional injuries? Why are we always pushed to be strong?

Suppressing an injury can cause more serious ones. You wouldn’t be expected to walk with a broken foot. Same with emotional injuries. Take your time and heal.


What is Home?

Her: Ok… ask anything you want, if you want .

Him: Is home for you a place or a feeling?

Her: Most definitely a feeling

Him: Can you describe it?

Her: Ever had a long day? And you know there’s a pot of of your favorite soup and hot eba waiting for you at home? It’s that warmth in your heart. It’s that confidence. It’s the perpetual hug, the perpetual “ it’s okay, you have a place to be yourself away from the world ” it’s the warm blanket and fuzzy socks before you click the power button to watch Netflix. It’s that collective feeling before first episode of #DemThrones season 8.

It’s the warmth of skin to skin contact. It’s that buzz right when you’re getting tipsy. It’s that melting feeling when you’re inside the person you love. That’s love. That’s home to me.

It’s hearing the sound of raindrops on your tin roof … from the inside with your family, placing pots under the ceiling to catch the rain…and laughing at poverty. Because , although You may not have everything, you have each other so you have it all.

That’s home .

Gentle Sting

There’s a gentle sting between us

Raw scratch… like a dry cough

It lingers

Starved of its libation

Our hearts are tucked away

In a cage of social construct

There’s a gentle sting between us

An itch that can’t be scratched


You are waters away

Waters indicate emotions

Under the surface away from the light of day

I once heard someone say…

Allow the sun to shine, the moon will get its turn

But the moon is still there during the day

The sun’s light hides it

Until the sun goes away

There’s a gentle sting between us

I don’t like pain

I wrote this raw , freestyle without edits; the way emotions tend to be.


mothers are gods on earth.

We are. There is no other way to explain

We are channels . Every mother is a medium. Because in us, the realms of the physical and the spiritual became one in the form of a once fetus now child .


Show me your scars.

How resilient you are.

Show me the ones you cover

The ones you hide from others

Not the ones that once bled


And crusted

Scabbed and fell

Tell me about the ones that never bled but hurt like hell

I’ll show you mine

In due time

How can time travel so fast, yet tears roll so slowly down the bridge of my nose

And I taste salt.


Break me into newness

Love me until I can feel again



Your heart to feel


To heal

I forgot periods of time


For my safety and the safety of others