Doorbell rings

Cold sweat

Panties off, coat check.


Talk shit

Bite lips , fingertips.

Time slows to near rewind

Trash talk from dirty minds

Chilled glass. Poured wine

Slow whine

Arched spine.


Skin peeks through lace

Blindfold covers face

Hearts race

from the sounds of

Beads around waist.


No guilt, mutual respect

caution…slippery when wet

Fingers on neck tightens.

Senses deprived … heightened

Energies connect, lightning.

Nearly divine , enlightened.


Same rhythm

Same. beat.

Fists grip fitted sheets

Toes curl on feet

Sweat drips from heat.


Beg for permission … slow down

Bite … pillow. muffle sounds

Waves crash

Rain down.



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