a hurum gi n’anya (I see you)

Her: “Wanna know why I love you?”

Him: “Pray tell”


You’re such a man . Vulnerable, Strong, resilient, hue.man.

You don’t wear your heart on your sleeves because you unclothe your spirit for me on purpose.

You’re just who you are and it gives me the freedom to be who I am.

I want the absolute best for you.

If I never hear from you again, I will still be blessed because I have lived years with you in these few months.

You’re my true confidante. You don’t judge me

You love me as-is, never asking for discounts or a refund.

I love you as is…would say Full price…but you’re invaluable.

a hurum gi n’anya’ in the igbo language means , I love you. literally translated, it means , I see you.

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